Skwal: accessible and fun

Want to try a new snowsport? Skwal is an easy discipline for habitual skiers or snowboarders to pick up.

A Skwal is similar to a snowboard or a monoski, where both feet are strapped to the same board.
Unlike on a snowboard or monoski, however, on a skwal the feet are strapped one in front of the other, both facing the front of the board.

skwal times

2019 season
Christmas holidays9am, 12.30 noon or 1.30pm
January and FebruaryPlease contact the ESF
February school holidays1pm or 2pm
March and Easter holidaysPlease contact the ESF

skwal Prices

2019 season
1 pers.2/3 people4/5 people6/8 people 
1 hour48,00 €64,00 €75,00 €
2-hour session171,00 €

instructor hire skwal - outside school holidays

2019 season
half-day295,00 €
full day395,00 €
  • Dress in warm clothing
  • We strongly recommend wearing a helmet !